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About Us
Glenn and I have been married for nine spectacular years. We recently moved to Saudi Arabia, which is obviously very far away from both of our families. We keep this blog updated so we can stay close to our friends and fam and to keep a record of our family adventures. Glenn is enjoying his new job and I am loving being a stay-at-home mom. We have two sweet little boys, Tate and Finn and we love them to pieces every day. We also love date nights, good movies, good food, and being with each other!
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Picture Tuesday, 17 weeks old

The baby girls acquired another stamp in their passports this week.  That makes three foreign countries visited in their short 17 weeks of life, not including the foreign country we currently call home, of course.  We spent the weekend in Dubai at the Atlantis resort.  We were lucky enough to have Nana and Grampa come with us and it was beyond helpful to have them there.  They even took Taryn and Kenna to have a sleep over one night so we could get a good night's sleep.  It was awesome.  The babies were pretty darn pleasant considering how much we messed with their schedules for a few days.  It was really hot but they didn't fuss too much and seemed to enjoy every moment we were able to get them in the water.  It looks like they're going to be little fishies like their brothers.
We spent a lot of time in the pool this week on Rakah too, after we got back from our trip and they had fun being snuggled and kicking their little legs in the water.  The only place to be when it's so hot out.
Nana and Grampa left late last night and we already miss them so much.  It was weird feeding both babies at the same time by myself again last night.  We've all been so spoiled the past week and a half and it may take us a bit to get back into our swing.
Here are my little girlies, at 17 weeks old.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Picture Tuesday, 16 weeks old

Our sweet ladies met their Nana and Grampa this week and have had so much fun being snuggled and spoiled by them.  Nana and Grampa arrived at 1:30 am Friday morning and we left for fellowship at 8 so it was a very fast turn around but we are SO glad that they made it for the little girlies blessing day.  It was such perfect timing.  The girls looked beautiful in their gorgeous dresses made by their Nana, and their blessings were so sweet and very individual.  Both girls behaved very well and just stared at their Daddy while he was giving them their blessings.  Kenna's blessing was first and my favorite specifics were that she has been blessed with great strength physically and mentally.  That she has great ability to be compassionate to siblings and others and a keen intellect that will be a great tool in her life.  Taryn's was sweet too and said that her happy demeanor and smiles are important and that she has been blessed with healing power that will enrich the lives of many many people and that she will have the strength to fight any infection and that her body will grow just as it should.  Both blessings also talked about the importance of relationships with their siblings and that they will know how loved they are by their family.  Their blessings were so sweet and specific for our individual girls and it was just perfect.  
It was a very windy day so we didn't get to take pictures outside but we did snap a few quick ones inside the building and a few more at home.  

 I guess we are now in the phase of not being able to get any pictures with all of our children making normal facial expressions.  So be it.  These faces are pretty fun too.

Kenna and Taryn have been very spoiled this week by Nana and Grampa.  It's been wonderful having two more sets of hands to help play with Finn while I'm changing babies or taking a shower or to hold crying babies while I'm doing ironing, folding laundry or prepping dinner.  They're going to be so mad at me next week when I'm the only one around all day and they have to cry once in a while for a few minutes before I can finish what I'm doing and get to them.  In the meantime, however, we're all loving having the extra love to go around.  Grampa has even been waking up at around 4 when the girls wake up to eat and he feeds one a bottle so Glenn or I can go back to sleep.  It's the best.  

Here they are, Kenna and Taryn, 16 weeks old at the pool today.  They weren't in the most smiley of moods at the exact moment that was most convenient for me to take their pictures, but we do what we can!  We sure love our sweet babies.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Picture Tuesday, 15 weeks old

We got our first giggles this week!  We have to tickle them quite a bit to get some little giggles and they have to be in just the right mood but we did get some little giggles.  Oh I forgot how beautiful those little sounds are.  They just light up the whole room.  Unfortunately, right now they don't last very long since we have to do a lot of tickling to get their little giggles, they get frustrated after just a minute.
Also this week they've started to drool and spit up quite a bit more than they used to.  It's still not super gross projectile vomit or anything, but we've started putting them in bibs ever day just so their shirts don't get constantly soaked.
We chickened out on letting them cry it out last weekend.  They've been sleeping until about 4 or 4:30 which is still a really long time so we're having a hard time letting them cry it out when we'll all be up in another hour or two anyway.  Once this week they slept until 6 and it was bliss.  Hopefully that will happen more and more but this week at least, I'm not stressing about it.  
They are both much happier this week.  It seems like London threw them off a bit and they seem so happy to be home and have some more normal structure.  They just smile all the time.  We all love it.  
Kenna and Taryn, 15 weeks old.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Picture Tuesday, 14 Weeks Old

These baby girls are pretty wonderful.  It's so crazy to see heads turn from across the street wherever we go because people notice the double infant stroller.  They're minor celebrities here on camp.  We get a little group of girls around us when they're awake to go to the bus stop to pick up Tate.  They gather around and oo and ah over our little babes.  There's also a little girl in our fellowship group who calls or comes over almost every day to see if she can "help with anything".  Which really means she wants to hold a baby.  It's pretty cute.
Kenna and Taryn have had a bit of a hard time adjusting to life after London.  They're feeling better now, thankfully, and they're just starting to get longer naps down again.  Their poor little clocks were just thrown all off by being in front packs all day long and going to sleep at night at different hours.  Today, for the first time since we've been back, they took a 2 hour nap.  Most of the time they're just sleeping for around an hour at a time a few times a day.  I'm trying to remember how I got my boys to take longer, predictable naps and I think I remember it just happening on its' own.  Hopefully that same will be true of the little girls as long as we try to keep things as predictable as possible.
I'm about ready to let them "cry it out" at night.  Probably this weekend so that Glenn and I don't have to be awake at 6 the next morning.  I know they can sleep all night because they've done it a couple of times and I know it will probably just take a couple of nights but I am very nervous about those couple of nights with two babies crying.  Dear me.  We'll see.  This world of two little babies is all very new to me.
Also this week, little Kenna and Taryn went swimming for the first time.  It's getting hot out.  Around a hundred degrees every day.  And our sweet Aunties brought our girls' swimming suits among many other treasures, to London with them for us so we brought out little ladies swimming for the first time last weekend.  They both loved it.  Neither one of them cried even a little bit while we walked around in the cool water.  It was so crazy swimming with four kids.  Glenn and I each holding a little baby girl and keeping an eye on our two swimming boys.  It was so fun so see the girls smiling at us and loving being in the water.  I'm so glad all our kids love swimming.

Here are my little dears, Taryn and Kenna at 14 weeks old.
Before swimming:
After swimming:

Friday, May 1, 2015

Picture Tuesday, 13 weeks old

Here are some picture of the girls as they spent most of the past week, in front packs traipsing around London.  The poor little ladies had a really hard time those first few days.  They were none too pleased to be strapped into the packs all day and they had a hard time drinking bottles with all the distractions of wind and noise and crowds.  They basically cried for days because they were uncomfortable and hungry.  And the tube made them so very angry.  They did not enjoy being on the tube at all.  By the last few days they were a little more content but then they both caught our cold and had coughs and sniffles.  Poor little ladies.  All in all, not their best week.  But they still look pretty darn cute!  And the sad times made their smiles and happy noises all the more exciting.

Kenna and Taryn, 13 weeks old.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Picture Tuesday, 12 weeks old

Good gracious, how did we get here?  12 weeks?!  That went by so incredibly fast!  My little babies who came into the world so teensy tiny are now starting to grow out of some of their 0-3 month clothes!  How did that happen?  The girls seem so big to me this week.  And their little bodies are starting to take on their own very different builds.  Kenna and Taryn are fed the exact same food at the exact same time and they eat the exact same amount and here are my two little girls with their own very different bodies and looks.  It's awesome.  I love that they are so different and I hope they will love it too.  They are both so beautiful and perfect.

The girls have not been consistently sleeping all night since that first time.  They did sleep all the way until 5:30 two more times this week but even when they don't we're still getting a solid 6-7 hour stretch consistently so it's hard to complain!

Our house has been hit by some bugs this week and thus far the girls have not caught them.  Tate and I have had colds and Finn had a stomach bug.  It's been kind of nice actually to have Tate home from school for a couple of days and just lay low together.  I sure hope Glenn and the girls don't catch anything before our trip!  It would be a real bummer to have to run a marathon when you're super congested and fevery!  

We leave for the airport in Bahrain tonight for our direct flight to LONDON!  It feels so surreal.  If you had told me 5 years ago that I'd be on my way to London with my FOUR children, including twin girls, to watch my husband run his THIRD marathon, I would have laughed in your face.  But here we are.  Living this crazy and amazing life that I never would have dreamt would be possible even one year ago.  

Here are my sweet babies, Kenna and Taryn, 12 weeks old!
Gotta love that little tongue.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I've been trying so hard to keep up on Picture Tuesdays and I've gotten behind on what the rest of us are doing around here.  It's easy to be distracted with two such darling babies around.  I mean, seriously.  Look at these two little darlings.

 The weekend of Easter was quite different this year with our Sabbath being on a Friday and Glenn and Tate being at work and school on Easter Sunday.  The Easter bunny visited our house on Friday morning this year.  It felt pretty normal actually because it was our Sunday.  The Easter Bunny did a little scavenger hunt for the boys with clues hidden in eggs around the house.  Tate remembered that last year when we were at Auntie Aubry's house for Easter the Easter Bunny hid their baskets.  So we had to keep that good stuff going!  We were also really lucky to find Easter Bunny poop at the store the night before (another tradition of ours which comes from Glenn's momma.  Don't worry, they're raisinettes.) It was fun.  Mainly because Tate was thrilled to read the clues and figure them out all by himself.  Finn was happy just to follow him around and couldn't have cared less about the clues and the hunt.
 The boys found their baskets in Taryn and Kenna's crib this year and they were so happy with their contents.  Both boys got new place mats.  For some reason they're really attached to their place mats and having their own spot at the counter.  Then Tate got these really cool little robot bugs called "hexbugs".  They've provided a lot of entertainment for these two.
 Finny got this little basketball piggy bank.  Tate has his own piggy bank and loves having a place to put all the coins that he collects here but Finn didn't have one of his own.  He spent all day carrying it around and filling it with coins and then dumping them out again.
Unfortunately that evening Finn was holding his bank in one hand and his cup in the other and trying to open the fridge to put his cup away and his little bank slipped out of his hands and broke on the tile floor.  It took him a minute to process what happened.  It was so sad.  He just stared at it for a minute and then started wailing and sobbing.  He felt so badly that he had broken his special new toy and it was one of the more heartbreaking moments I've had with little Finn.  He probably cried for half an hour and kept saying, "I can never get a new piggy bank because I will just make another mistake.  I always make mistakes!"  Poor little man just felt so bad.  That night we had a little FHE and watched some church videos about our Savior and talked about how his Atonement made it so that we can be forgiven when we make mistakes and Finny said, "Like when I broke my piggy bank!"  It was so sweet.  Luckily, Auntie Mallo is going to bring little man a new piggy bank when she meets us in London next week so all will be well.  And we'll just have to institute a new rule that the piggy bank stays on the dresser and doesn't get carried around the house.  Maybe that way we can keep it intact.
On Saturday of Easter weekend we were invited to dinner at a traditional Saudi restaurant with the Frosts and Larsons.  It was a bit of a circus with all of our kids in this little room sitting on cushions on the floor and eating food that was way too foreign for my picky little Tate but I think overall it went pretty well.  The Frosts go there every year to celebrate Easter with a traditional Middle Eastern meal.  I think it's a pretty cool tradition to eat a meal sort of as Christ would have.  A very cool experience.  The food was not great but the experience was really cool.
Glenn decided he needed to try the fish.  And then I got to look at this charming face throughout the meal.  Yumm. 
 On Easter Sunday Glenn and Tate went off to work and school as usual.  After school I had hidden Easter Eggs all over the house and Tate and Finn got to gather them up after we picked Tate up from the bus.  Then later we dyed some Easter Eggs together.  Luckily I had a kit that I had packed away somewhere in our shipment.  I'll have to get some on our repat for next year!  It was a fun and simple way to keep the Easter weekend going!
This past Saturday we spent the morning at Ras Tanura with the Hendersons.  Glenn took the boys to Ras Tanura one Saturday right after we arrived but I had a migraine that day and couldn't make it so it was really fun to go together!  We really needed to take advantage of the beach before the weather gets too hot to leave the house!  Which I hear will be any day now!  We camped out in this great little pavilion and the girls slept for a while.  Once they woke up we stripped them down to their onesies so they wouldn't be too hot.  It was a really warm day.  
Glenn and I took turns sitting with the babies and playing with the boys.
 It was a beautiful day and we had fun playing in the sand and wading in the water.

 Until we found these little friends all over in the water.  The lifeguard assured us that they don't sting. They don't even have stingers, just big mushroom bodies and stumps underneath.  But they are quite large and I couldn't handle going swimming with them bumping into me.  No thank you.
 This is Tate with his buddy Zack, so proud of the two jellies that they caught in their bucket.
 Finn and April playing in the sand.
 Doesn't this look like an awful way to spend the day at the beach?  SO HOT!
Since Ras Tanura is another Aramco compound abayas are not required, but of course, they're always required if you're Saudi.  No matter where you go.  I was sweating bullets in my swimming suit.  I can't imagine wearing an abaya and not being able to swim. 
We played on the beach for a while and then we loaded up and walked over to the little swimming pool that is just off the beach.  We met up with some friends we made on our weekend in Bahrain.  They have a set of darling adopted twins and the mom is the drama teacher at the middle school there in Ras Tanura so we had a great time catching up and she told me stories about what it's like teaching drama and directing middle school shows in Saudi Arabia!  I really enjoyed it.  The kids cooled off in the pool for a bit and then we had a little lunch at the snack bar and headed home.  What a fun day.  And we did it.  With four kids!  Success.
Finny is still in soccer once a week and last week Tate started group tennis lessons.  It is SO fun to watch!  He's only had two lessons so far but he's getting much better every time.  His teacher, Mr. Jamal, is really great and so patient.  He has four kids in his class including a darling set of twin girls from London.  We've had fun sitting with their parents and talking about parenting twins and getting advice on places to visit on our trip next week.  

Here he is, so excited that he just got what his teacher calls a "big fish".  That means he hit it over the net.  If you hit it REALLY high over the net it's called a shark.  The first week of lessons ended with Tate hitting the ball a few times.  But at his second lesson he was hitting it over the net the majority of the time and he was just thrilled with his progress.  It was really fun to watch him progress and be proud of himself.

Finny has fun watching Tate play tennis and cheering for him when he hits the ball over the net.  I mean, look at that darling face!
He's been a real doll lately.  It's so nice to have week of sweet Finny in between week of "terrible threes" Finny. 
Can't wait for our next adventure in London!  The boys kept asking when we're going and we finally just made a little London paper chain and the boys are taking turns ripping off links every day.  Last night we had a little FHE lesson on obedience, stressing the importance of obeying Mom and Dad so we can keep you safe in the big city!  Glenn showed a video about a boy who didn't obey his Mom and wore flip flops instead of shoes and ended up getting stung by a scorpion.  So now Finn thinks that if he disobeys he'll "get stunged by a scorpion".  Well, whatever works, I suppose!  As long as it gets him to obey!