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About Us
Glenn and I have been married for eight spectacular years. We recently moved to Denver, CO, which is not close enough to either of our families. We keep this blog updated so we can stay close to our friends and fam. Glenn is enjoying his new job and I am loving being a stay-at-home mom. We have two sweet little boys, Tate and Finn and we love them to pieces every day. We also love date nights, good movies, good food, and being with each other!

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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Saturday, September 13, 2014


June was another busy month around here.  It began with girls camp.  My first as YW pres.  It was really fun and really well-organized by our incredible camp directors.  We camped at Glenwood Springs and it was lovely.  We had a long stretch of campsites where all our tents were set up in a row and at the top of our site were bathrooms with flush toilets and showers.  Spoiled.  We drove up on June 11th, Wednesday and Kenzie's 18th birthday.  Here we are forming an assembly line to carry in all of the supplies.
Mom, Mallo and I put together 18 little gifts to give Kenzie throughout the day.  They were all wrapped up and Mal had written funny things on them that went along with each gift.  It was funny and I think it helped Kenz feel special on her big day even though she was at girls camp.
Three of my favorite ladies.  Emily LeMasters, Alisa Adkins, and McKae Gonzalez.  Some of the most incredible YW leader's I've ever met.  I hope our YW know how lucky they are.
Here are some YW and leaders learning to make necklaces from our Camp Director Emily McAllister when we saw a crazy paddle boarder go by down the freezing river.
We had a great girls camp.  The second day we went rafting down the river together and the next day we hiked a beautiful and steep hike up to hanging lake.  It was gorgeous and fun.  Then we went back to camp and changed into swim suits and took the girls to the hot springs to swim for the afternoon.  It was a pretty cushy girls camp and I think the girls had a good time.  There were a few mishaps along the way but overall it was a really good experience.
I had found out I was pregnant a few weeks before camp but thankfully hadn't felt too sick yet.  It hit pretty hard though the day after we got back which unfortunately was Father's Day.  It was pretty awful but hopefully my dad, who was in town for the weekend, and Glenn still know that I appreciate them very much in spite of the vomiting!
The following weekend was Glenn and my 9th anniversary.  Mom watched the boys while Glenn took me up to Vail for the weekend.  We stayed at the Arabella hotel and it was incredible.  So nice to get away for a couple of days.  We relaxed and walked around and took the tram to the top of the mountain.  We ate delicious food, which I occasionally threw up, and went swimming and got some sun.  It was the perfect, chill, relaxing weekend and we really needed it.  Thanks honey.  Well done, once again.
Another fun thing we tried in June was making a "water blob", an idea we found on pinterest.  It's just a huge painter's tarp that we ironed around the edges and filled up with water.  The boys had a great time playing on it for about an hour.  Our neighbor boy, Matthew, came over to play on it too.  

The following weekend, the last in June, we took the boys on a little family getaway.  Glenn was running a half marathon on Saturday and we took of on Friday morning to Breckenridge fun park to spend the afternoon playing together.

The boys LOVED the tram ride.  It was a very long tram ride to the top of the mountain and I think it was Finn's favorite part.  He kept saying "I want to go back in the glass box!"
My sweet boys at the top of the mountain!
We bought passes that gave us unlimited access to all of the attractions so the boys had a great time and could repeat their favorites.  A favorite for both of the kids was the bungee trampoline.  I was a little surprised at how adventurous and brave our boys were.

Finn didn't make it quite as high but it was still pretty high for such a little guy and they were both thrilled.

We rode the alpine slide a couple of times and the boys both loved it.
Glenn and Tate riding the chair lift to the top.
The other favorite which we rode over and over was the alpine coaster.  It was pretty amazing.  Like the alpine slide, but on a track system instead of a slide.  You get on your sled and it takes you to the top and then you get to slide down on the track as fast as you want.  It's got tons of turns and twists and dips and we got going VERY fast.  The boys loved it.
That night we stayed in a motel and got to bed early so we could be ready to go early in the morning to get Glenn to his race on time.  We dropped him off at the starting line at Loveland ski area and then we drove to the finish in Georgetown.  The boys and I found a little diner to have breakfast while we waited for Daddy to run.  Then we walked around the little town, got some hot chocolate, and then cheered for the racers at the finish line.  It must have been a beautiful race running down the canyon.  But really hard on the knees!
Glenn killed it, as usual.  He was really fast and except for some sore knees, recovered really quickly too.
At the end of June the boys and I stumbled upon a new park nearby.  We found it one afternoon and brought Mallo and Glenn back another day to play with us.

Here's Finny, ready to catch Auntie Mallo at the bottom of the slide.

The boys loved this little spinny thing.  We couldn't go too fast or Finny would go flying off.

Another favorite was this little "take-out" window.  Both Finn and Tate loved to pretend they were making food for us.

We tried out a new backyard sprinkler just once this summer.  The boys got bored with it really fast. Maybe if we have over some friends next time it will last longer.  Tate got a little brave after a few minutes.
Finn, not so much.
This is one of my favorite pictures from June.  Tate and Finn at Centennial park with their buddy, Sawyer Garlock.  He's such a great little buddy.  So much like Tate.  Very sweet and polite and just plain nice.  I sure love the Garlock family.  We have so many incredible friends in this ward.  I just really love it here.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


May was a fun and busy month around here.  Mallory drove across the country and moved in with us for the summer before heading off to Grad school at NYU. We got Tate signed up for YMCA T-ball and it was just the right speed for the little guy.  It took him a couple of practices to get into it and to be able to pay attention to his coach the whole time, but eventually he really liked going to practice and having us cheer him on at the games.  
Finn didn't like it as much.  Poor kiddo was dying to get on the field with his big brother.  

Here's Tate getting ready for his turn at bat.

Run kiddo, run!
At the end of May Tate had his graduation program from his second year of preschool at Lord of the Hills preschool.  It was awesome.  All the kids sang these hilarious, to me, religious songs.  My favorite of which was "He's a peach of a Savior".  And some really sweet patriotic songs as well.
When it was his turn he walked across the stage and got his certificate and his children's bible.  He was very proud.
And Glenn stayed home from work that morning to attend with us.
On May 22nd Kenzie graduated from Cherokee Trails High School.  Dad, Adam and Cami came into town to attend and celebrate with us so the whole Hansen fam were there except for Cody and Aub and their family.  We missed them but were texting and sending pictures all day so they were up to date on the celebration.
It was a great day to celebrate Kenzie and how much she has accomplished this year.

Some of her good friends from the ward came to cheer her on and take some pictures with her afterward.
The Hansen Siblings.
And here we are with our Ad and Cami.  We didn't get any on my camera with mom and dad.  The kids were going nutso after sitting for so long and it was starting to rain so we headed out.
The next Day we went to Centennial park.  It's becoming a favorite of ours when we have family in town.  There's so much for the grown kids and our kids to do. Here's Finny and Abby on the slide.
Auntie Mallo with sweet Abbycakes on the swing.
Auntie Cami trying the rope challenge.
Auntie Mallo with Finnerface.  Glenn gave me a new lens for my camera for my birthday.  I definitely need more practice with it but it is fantastic!

Tate's favorite thing about Centennial park is what he calls the "spider web".  He feels pretty cool being able to climb all the way to the top and see everyone way down below.  Here he is pretending to be distressed while Grampa is grabbing at him.

Uncle Adam is a pretty sweet Daddy to his little girl.
Another family favorite is this spinning wheel.  It's slanted and really hard to stay on when you get going fast around the downward slant.

This time we discovered this weird teeter toter thing and spent a good deal of time trying to knock each other off balance.
Then of course there's the spinning bucket of death.  It makes me sick for the rest of the day.
It was a nice warm day so we just couldn't keep the kiddos out of the water entirely.

We loved having the fam here to visit for the weekend and it was a bummer when they went home again.  So glad everyone could come play with us for a few days and celebrate Kenzer's big day.
The rest of May was spent playing outside.  I love spring weather.

We also instituted a new chore chart around here.  The boys each have different magnets every day and when they finish their chore they get to move it to the "done" side.  It was perfect timing really.  Tate was ready to have some responsibility and takes pride in doing some work at this age.  And Finn loves to copy brother and "helps" do every chore that Tate does.  Plus it helped us have some sort of routine to our summer days.

We were only able to fit in one session of swimming lessons this summer.  After months of nagging we got into a few lessons with Jordan Dixon and she is just as wonderful as everyone says.  Tate learned a ton in just a few lessons.  That first lesson, I ran out of time to get Finn in his swim suit before we had to go so he spent the hour looking at the kiddie pool through the fence.  Bad mom.
At the end of May the Garlocks invited us to the Eastern Hills preschool spring festival.  Garlock Orthodontics donated the pony rides and the boys were thrilled when it was finally their turn to take a spin!

Here they are ready for the first swimming morning of the summer!
On one afternoon we went to the park and Tate met these two boys who had caught a garter snake.  He didn't want to touch it but he did get pretty close and was fascinated by these brave big boys who kept putting the snake down the slide.  
At the end of May the new Discovery Zone at our Science museum opened again and we made sure to check it out during the members only first week.  The boys weren't quite sure what to think about Mr. Bones.
But they loved this maze wall with tons of obstacles for the balls to fall down.
And by the end of the morning Finny was soaked from this water area.
Tate warmed up to Mr. Bones by the end of our visit and even let him have a taste of his head.
Later that week when Mal and Glenn were off of work we went back again to show them the cool new place to play.  Glenn and Mal had fun figuring out how to use all the piping pieces to make a very unique water feature.
We loved having Mallo here this summer.  She was so wonderful to be around every single day.  I wish she could stay with us always.