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About Us
Glenn and I have been married for ten spectacular years. We recently moved to Saudi Arabia, which is obviously very far away from both of our families. We keep this blog updated so we can stay close to our friends and fam and to keep a record of our family adventures. Glenn is enjoying his new job and I am loving being a stay-at-home mom. We have two sweet little boys, Tate and Finn and two darling twin baby girls, Taryn and Kenna. We love them to pieces. We also love date nights, good movies, good food, and being with each other.
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Parade

The Cluffs called to see if we wanted to meet up downtown for the St. Patricks Day parade this year.  With the promise of chill time with the Cluffs and breakfast out with them after the parade it was a no brainer!
Lizzy was not thrilled about this close-up.
The boys had a really good time in spite of our not being very prepared for the cold.  The Cluffs had extra gloves for the boys to borrow which was super helpful since the wind whipping down the downtown streets was so bitter.

Bead necklaces and free candy.  No complaints here.
Stephen and Janelle.
This old mountain man reminded me of my Dad....maybe he'll be in our St. Patricks Day parade some day.
I love that they had this in the parade.  Glenn and I have seen it pedaling around downtown and think it's such a clever idea.  It's a pedal bar.  The guy in the front steers.  Another guy serves drinks and pumps music while the patrons pedal and party around the streets of Denver. Hilarious.
It was a super long parade and it went on for hours after we decided to bail for breakfast, but we couldn't leave before we saw the Star Wars guys!

Yep, that's a Stormtrooper in a kilt.  Happy St. Patricks Day!
Tate was so excited to see all these guys in costume and kept pointing and yelling out their names.
At the end of our parade stay the kiddos were tired and ready for breakfast...even though they ate tons of snacks during the parade.  We went to breakfast at the Delectable Egg and it was SO yummy.  It was a great time.  Glad we went and hope we can go next year too!


Nona Haddock said...

Glad you are back to blogging. I enjoy watching your boys grow up.

Janelle said...

Hey, I remember that! It was so cold. But fun!